Pain Management Center

The management of pain is a complex problem. Cancer related pain, post-operative pain, and painful flares of chronic pain are difficult to treat. However, pain management is a fundamental human right and so clinicians need to be knowledgeable about analgesics and interventional approaches to pain management. Interventional pain procedures for management of pain have significantly evolved over the last decade.

A major reason for recent advancements could be attributed to the widespread use of image-guided techniques utilizing fluoroscopy and contrast media. This change improved the delivery of medications to the areas of pathology and potentially contributed to better outcomes and decreased complication rates.

Neck pain and Low Back Pain

Neck pain is characterised by Stiffness and pain in the neck with pain radiating to back of neck, shoulder and arm.

Minimally Invasive Discectomy

Percutaneous Discectomy (PD) is performed through a cannula inserted into the center
of the Intervertebral disc under local…

Failed back syndrome & Adhesiolysis

Epidural fibrosis is most frequently seen in patients who have undergone multiple surgical procedures of the spine.

Facial Pain & Headache & Hyperhydrosis

Facial pain is characterized by lancination shock like paroxysmal episodes of severe pain that are usually unil…

Vertebral Augmentation & Cancer Pain

Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of pain and instability caused by a vertebral body compression fracture.